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Columbus State Community College Consortium Agreement

Non classé / No Comment / 9 avril 2021

Consortia/student contracts are written agreements between two or more institutions that allow you to take courses simultaneously in different institutions to obtain your university degree. Transfer Pathway Inventory to a full list of current transfer plans listed in alphabetical order by college/university name with links to Columbus State staff/programs. The Pathway inventory can be filtered to provide you with targeted information for certain institutions, the bachelor major/program or the Columbus State program. Trails are often updated. 3. The specific population has been used by all those who have English as a second language – the largest population is Somali refugees, but we also have students from many other parts of Africa, the Spanish-speaking world, Asia and Europe. Spanish, Somali, Arabic, French and Portuguese are among the top five languages spoken. About half of students say their highest level of education is high school, and the majority of them say they graduated from high school outside the United States. About 40% of them say they have attended university or graduated with a bachelor`s degree or more. 5.

Results (What improved/improved/increased/decreased program by meeting this need, for example.B. Retention, Student Performance, Student Services, Work Force Training, Language Learning, etc.? Please provide all data on study results, for example. B graduation rates, employment, economic impact) Over the past 13 years, we have followed more than 16,000 students from 125 countries. The program provided many students with a way to improve their language skills in order to obtain a university or university degree. At that time, 24% of our students go to credit courses. Columbus State is a member of the Ohio Learning Network (OLN), a consortium of Ohio colleges that promote distance education (www.oln.org). There are ways to access courses or diplomas from other Ohio institutions. Students can also benefit from distance learning through the Regional Learning Network (RLN), an affiliate agreement between Columbus State, Clark State, Edison State and Southern State Community Colleges.

Another key factor is the degree of cooperation on campus and the commitment at all levels to serve immigrant populations, from the president`s office to faculty and staff. Representatives of the International Students Office, ESL, Student Life, Admissions, Testing, and Counseling and Advising meet regularly to discuss topics on how they develop. As a result, we have developed an excellent referral system so that university staff and teachers can effectively direct students to the right services, based on their individual needs.

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