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D365 Finance And Operations Sales Agreements

Non classé / No Comment / 9 avril 2021

The following guidelines influence the functioning of the link between a sales contract and the corresponding positions: another option to link a sales order to the sales contract is to select the sales contract when creating a sales order. The system allows for automatic updates of the purchase price and costs. This option will help advance the management of selling prices. If the sale price is based on the purchase price or cost, the sale price can be automatically discounted due to the automatic update of the purchase price or costs. The following image shows an example in which I linked the selling price to the purchase price and I had to automatically update that purchase price. Positions in the same sales contract may include different types of bonds. If a debitor returns a product ordered from a sales contract, Supply Chain Management can find the corresponding sales contract and automatically update it to reflect the change in quantity or amount. By creating an advertisement based on the initial order for a sales contract, you establish a relationship between the sales contract, the order post and the advertising account. However, if it is necessary to enter hundreds or thousands of records, this approach is not appropriate.

For mass loading, it is possible to use the « Open Positions on Selling Price » information in the data management module. This option allows you to download records from a file. Now let`s look at the options available to track the settings that were used to determine the price on order. You can use the « Search for Price » page, which displays « Prices and Agreement Discounts » and « Product Prices. » The « Prices and Agreement Awards » group contains information from trade agreements and the « Product Price » group contains information extracted from product details. More information about sales contracts can be found in this documentation. A video is also available here. It focuses on Dynamics AX 2012, but it is quite similar to D365FO and gives a good idea of how it works. It now depends on the functionality of the sales contract you are looking for. Then you have to reserve the Buch.-Leaf trade agreement to make the price active in the system.

If you add a new product to the order, the system first looks for a price in trade agreements. If the corresponding price has not been found in trade agreements, then the system searches for the price in the details of the product. Prices and discounts of the sales contract suspend the prices and discounts indicated in all existing trade agreements. Instead of the royalty percentage, it is also possible to use the contribution report model that can be listed in the « Sales Price Model » field. In this case, the calculation of the sale price is as follows: (purchase price – 100) / (100 – contribution report). There is an example of a sales contract below where the exact price of the product is shown.

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