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Compromise Agreement Stress

Non classé / No Comment / 15 septembre 2021

It follows that even if an employer has gone through a fair trial, many will still prefer that the worker sign a compromise agreement to ensure that there is no possible return. Very few trials are absolutely watertight and many people who ignore their labour rights at the right time may have a second thought after they leave. From the date of termination of your employment relationship, there is a period of three months during which you can assert a right before a labour court. Your employer may ask you to sign a transaction agreement « in a complete and final statement. » However, if a claim could not be known at this stage, a general exclusion is very unlikely. Sometimes an employer prefers to agree to the termination of the employment relationship as part of a conciliation agreement, in order to avoid the risks of rights that may include discrimination on the basis of disability and unfair dismissal. These are important issues to consider: your employer will discuss with you what should be included in the agreement, either face-to-face or in writing. Your employer needs to proactively think about the factors that could lead to a bad situation or worsen existing health conditions.

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