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Residential Tenancy Agreement For A Fixed Term

Non classé / No Comment / 5 octobre 2021

The landlord or tenant cannot prematurely terminate a temporary rental agreement. However, there are a few options if landlords or tenants want to do so. If a tenant terminates a temporary rental agreement prematurely, the tenant may have to reimburse the lessor for the costs of rereletting the unit, such as advertising or non-payment. The lessor must do his best to limit these costs by trying to rent the unit as quickly as possible. Sometimes a fixed rental agreement has a fixed period of compensation that requires the tenant to pay to end the rental prematurely. The effective date of termination must not be before the end of the fixed term. A fixed-term lease (or lease) is a lease for a specified period of time (for example. B one year, one month or one week). If you want to withdraw and you do not have a fixed-term contract, you do not need to indicate a reason, but to indicate in writing the good notice – see below « Termination of your lease ». A tenant without a written agreement always has legal protection. A temporary lease is a lease that lasts for a fixed period of time.

A « part 4 » lease extends in addition to a temporary lease, that is to say that the tenant is entitled to the provisions of a « part 4 » lease after a period of 6 months, as in normal times. .

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