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What Is A S33 Agreement

Non classé / No Comment / 14 octobre 2021

Any delegation of functions, powers or obligations under this Section shall be carried out by mutual agreement between the authorities concerned and on the agreed terms. An authority to which a function, power or obligation has been delegated under this Division may abandon the delegation under the transfer agreement. the authority to which the delegation is made constitutes the corresponding community of interests with regard to the exercise or exercise of the function, power or duty: for the purposes of this Section, the official authority includes the following: An authority to which a function, power or duty is delegated under this Section may accept such a transfer, unless the provisions of a law expressly prohibit it; by or after which it is constituted; and in the case of such a delegation, its functions, powers and duties shall be deemed to be extended in such a way as to enable it to assume, exercise and perform the function, power or duty. before the application of this special consultation procedure, the Minister is informed of his proposal to delegate the function, power or duty; and a local authority that has delegated a function, power or obligation under this Section may modify or revoke the transfer at any time by notification to the assignment. a joint committee set up for the purposes of Article 80; and both authorities agree that the transfer is desirable for all of the following reasons:. . . .

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