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Cyber Chip Agreement

Non classé / No Comment / 16 septembre 2021

Note: All cyberchips expire every year. Each Scout must « charge » the chip by returning to the NetSmartz charging area. This room will contain new information, news and a place where the Scout can reconnect with the safety and justice of the network. Then the scout can add the new date to the Cyber ChipKarte or certificate with the unit leader. I would like to encourage you to sit down with your parents and create your own contract. However, if you prefer a cyber chip contract template, check out my sample contract below. Please! 🙂 Cubs, Blue Card # 615437, Patch # 615495 Scouts BSA & Venturers, Green Card # 615438, Green Patch # 615496 Free Online Certificate Uploaded to www.scouting.org/cyberchip To get your Cyber Chip, you must read, understand and accept the following promise of internet security. (The same promise will also be printed on the back of your Cyber Chip Award) Do you know why cyberchips are important? Big! Now it`s time to familiarize yourself with the cybernetic chip requirements that match your rating. Once you understand what you need to do, read on for my answers and templates that you can use to quickly earn your own cyber chip! It`s never too early to talk to your scouts about cybersecurity. Have you had any conversations with them on this important topic? If you`re in grades 6-8: Watch « Friend or Fake » with 2 more videos.

I would recommend watching the videos related above about cyberbullying and gambling. However, you can check out other options here. The requirements for cyberchips differ between Scouts who are in grades 6 to 8 and Scouts who are in grades 9 to 12. In this article, I have included the requirements and answers to both groups for you! PS: You may want to check the title to make sure you read the sections that apply to your note. 😉 If you are in grades 9 to 12, it is also recommended that you read the Netsmartz PDF. You can find a copy by clicking on the link below! Once you have verified the main ideas with your patrol, you have fulfilled the requirement 4 of your cybernetic chip! A department head works with teens to sign on their cybersecurity achievements. Once completed, the cybernetic chip and patch can be purchased in the Scout shop or online at ScoutShop.org. Let me tell you one last time that the Internet is a powerful tool. When you earn your cyber chip, you can safely navigate the digital world and teach yourself the skills needed to use your devices responsibly.

All Cyber Chips expire every year. Scouts who have already completed the cyberchip for their current rank will have to « load » the chip by returning to the Netsmartz site and completing the activities. In addition, the BSA recognizes that older Scouts may face various online dangers as their online activities and engagement with new adults change as they age. Therefore, Scouts are expected to repeat this exercise at least once in their Scouting career to reach the Scout and Star ranks, as well as the Exercises of How to Protect Your Children from Child Abuse). A cybernetic smart green card, essentially the same as a cyberchip, is a rectangular card that describes the rules of online security. Similar to a Totin` or Fireman chip, the Cyber Chip green card helps you use the Internet – a dangerous tool – safely and responsibly. Once you`ve finished your discussion, if you`re in grades 6-8, you`ve just earned your cyber chip! If you are in grades 9 to 12, proceed to the last requirement. Cyberchips, launched in 2017, are one of the latest additions to Scouting. Cyber chips are needed to earn the « Scout » (Grades 6-8) and « Star » (Grades 9-12) grades, and teach Scouts online safety. In this article, I will guide you through each of these « Star » and « Scout » rank requirements so that you can quickly and easily win your Cyber Chip Award! Each Cub Scout Cyber chip level covers topics such as cyberbullying, cell phone use, TEXTing, blogging, gaming, and identity theft. To win the cyber chip, Cubs sign an internet safety pledge, watch an age-appropriate online video, and share what they`ve learned with their cave or cave guide.

Older Scouts perform additional activities. The Cub Scout Cyber chip is an important tool to help our kids stay safe online. I know that as parents of students in grades one to five, we may think that topics like cyberbullying, online privacy, and social media are a long way off for us. If you don`t have a cybernetic smart card on hand, I bet your Scoutmaster has a replacement card for you! Otherwise, you may need to purchase your card online, the official Cyber Chip green cards can be found in the Scout Shop. […] The requirements of this adventure to the requirements of the cyberchip to select the one that suits your […]. Class A shirts (without scarves or slides) can be worn on informal occasions with jeans or shorts, such as .B. Here are 5 serious dangers to consider when using social media: Note: For cub ranks; Tiger, Wolf, Bear, Webelos and Arrow of Light The cybernetic chip requirement can be replaced by the Protect Yourself adventure. .

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