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Toronto Professional Firefighters Association Local 3888 Collective Agreement

Non classé / No Comment / 12 octobre 2021

« By 2018, we`ll be at exactly the same level as the Toronto police, we`re just taking a slightly different way to get there, » Ramangnano said. Retired Captain Chris Chmielewski died on August 7 […] Ramagnano also pointed to lower wages on statutory holidays and a two-hour longer work week than Toronto police officers. « Our holiday is not that generous, » Ramagnano said. « We didn`t receive an increase in our eye care, as others like others have. » The increase in the cost of the new agreement will put increased pressure on the city`s coffers, even after the city council decided in May to freeze all budgets for one year at the 2017 level. Barry Ian Martin died at Nanaimo Regional Hospital […] With the deepest regret and mourning, it is the […]. The new agreement covers 2015-18.

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